Become an advocate: promote Giving DEISday with your Brandeis network.

Step 1:  Create a GiveCampus user account
The first step to becoming an Advocate is to create and/or log into a GiveCampus user account. Once you have done so you will have a menu of options to choose from that will allow you to spread the word!

Step 2:  Share with your Brandeis network
Spread the word! Your account will allow you to track your impact in real time. You may even become eligible for some incentives! Use the buttons at the top of the campaign page to share via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Step 3:  Create a Personal Plea
Record a short video encouraging others to join you in making a gift to any area of Brandeis on Giving DEISday. 

Step 4:  Create a Matching Gift
Matches of all sizes make a difference! You can match gifts dollar-for-dollar up to a fixed amount or a certain dollar amount per donor. Look for the “Offer a Matching Gift” button for more information.